About us (PIU)

On October 13, 2011, the State Agency National Centre for Legislative Regulation Project Implementation Unit at the Government Staff of the Republic of Armenia (NCLR) was established by the Government Decree of the Republic of Armenia.

The aim of the NCLR is to significantly reduce the regulations burden on businesses and citizens.

The organization describes the relations of the state with the citizens & businesses, compares with the best practices in the world, prepares package of proposals with corresponding regulatory government bodies to reduce the regulatory burden, discusses it with the businesses, NGOs and presents it for the approval of the Reform Council.

During the project implementation at least of 30 percent of current regulations will be cut off, and up to 20-30 percent of regulations will be significantly simplified, as a result of which the financial burden on businesses and citizens will be considerably reduced.

Legal Acts regulating the activities of the National Centre for Legislative Regulation are available in Armenian.

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