Passenger Traffic Being Improved

A Cabinet sitting was held today, chaired by Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan.

Invalidating an earlier decision, the Government approved a licensing procedure and a license form for taxi-borne passenger traffic in Armenia.

The document seeks to streamline the applicable regulatory framework, provide a facilitated environment for startup businesses. Introduce the "one-stop-shop” principles, reduce unnecessary administration and documentation. The private sector is expected to earn over 1.6 billion drams in annual savings.

"We are thereby offering AMD 1.5 billion in annual savings to the private sector so that they could work in a more comfortable environment. They will be spared the need to pay for yellow numbers as the State undertakes to cover the cost of registration. Licenses from now on will be made available within 5 days instead of 30. People will no longer be required to get to Yerevan in order to get a license. We are going to eliminate give up a series of unnecessary checks which formally existed, but were not exercised as matter of fact. What matters most is that the reform chiefly affects the most vulnerable layer of the population,” the Prime Minister said.
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