Cooperation between the NCLR and Legislative Counsel of California

Today National Centre for Legislative  Regulation hosted Joe Ayala, Principal Deputy of Legislative Counsel of California, USA. Armen Yeghazaryan, Director and Vahe Chibukhchyan, Deputy Director of NCLR presented the guest main goals and achievements of the Regulatory Guillotine project in Armenia. 

"We describe business procedures between the Government and businesses or citizens, compare it with the world best practice, discuss with stakeholders and make legal proposals for the Government. Most of them are aimed at reducing regulatory burden and costs", Armen Yeghiazaryan stated. 

Joe Ayala shared his experience in the field of drafting legal acts, creating electronic databases and guides on how to use them. 

Parties expressed hope that cooperation between the NCLR and the Legislative Counsel of California will continue and will gain fruitful results.
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