Public Consultation and Public Policy Impacts – Important Components of RIA

Training session on the Regulatory Impact Assessment methodology and tools organized for the National Centre for Legislative Regulations experts continues. Today international consultant, Owner and Director of allio| rodrigo consulting Dr. Lorenzo Allio delivered presentations on several mechanics of the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA). It was presented the techniques of setting objectives – illustrating the ways how to define and present useful and realistic objectives that can be tracked effectively. 

At the breakout session an interactive case study was exercised. NCLR experts made several groups and tried to assess a policy challenge of tackling traffic jam. 

Data collection is one of the potential challenges for RIA drafters. In several cases it needs to be collected, also validated and processed which can be costly, time-consuming and difficult. Dr. Lorenzo Allio presented the ways of organizing data collection and consultation effectively and in a systematic way.  

''National Centre for Legislative Regulation has always been open to discussions with different stakeholders. For RIA we give a high importance to cooperation and transparency and we will definitely encourage open discussions with different parties before making our final decisions'', - said Heghie Manukyan, Deputy Director of the National Centre for Legislative Regulation.

Another important topic was determining the public policy impacts. It showed how to how to identify and calculate regulatory costs and benefits. Various categories of these impacts were discussed, including compliance costs, opportunity costs, administrative burdens, and risk management benefits.

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