Role of the Business Advisory Council in Success of Regulatory Guillotine Programme

International expert on regulatory reform Vedran Antoljak (Sense Consulting) had a meeting with representatives of the Business Advisory Council at the National Centre for Legislative Regulation. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the programme of Regulatory Guillotine around the world and Armenia as a crucial tool in economic development. The expert also emphasized the importance of business environment in implementation of the Regulatory Guillotine. 

Currently Vedran Antoljak is international expert on Regulatory Guillotine in Armenia.  Mr. Antoljak was the head of a similar programme in Croatia, called HITROREZ. He talked about Croatian reforms and about his experience as an expert in similar regulatory programmes in fifteen other countries. 

"Business Advisory Council in Croatia contributed significantly to the work and  achievements of the HITROREZ with their research and recommendations done for all those areas subject to regulatory reform”, - said the expert.

Remarkably, in 2010 the United Nations recognised Croatian HITROREZ as world’s most successful regulatory reform programme. 

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