Public Administration transparency

50 legislative amendments will be made for government transparency

We do have an electronic system, whereas many do not. The Minister of Justice underlines the on line program of the government. Anyone has the opportunity to follow the interactive budget and see in which direction the state money go. What has been bought and for how much. You cannot match Germans with Public Administration transparency. The EU country has coped and passed a long road with that issue. Currently, the perceptions of German International Cooperation (GIZ) are being taken into account in 131 countries.

Minister Tovmasyan has stressed the work of Government. While, the information about officials’ property and income has been undisclosed for long times, now it belongs to the society. Although some of them tend not to agree with this program.

The transparency filter is targeted towards judges as well. Whether they work effectively or not the system will evaluate. As Hrayr Tovmasyan asserts, "They will not be able to operate secretly”. 

Germans cite Dalai Lama, who notes that if there is no transparency there will not be any trust. The Director of the National Centre for Legislative Regulation continues, "Transparency is when a citizen understands what the government wants and for that reason 50 constitutional amendments will be made”.
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