Two groups of consumers are defined in the field of natural gas provision

State Agency "National Centre for Legislative Regulation” at the Government Staff of the RA proposed legislative reforms to make changes and additions in "Establishment of gas supply and consumption rules” (GSCR) 08.07.2005 Number 95-N decision of Public Services Regulatory Commission of the RA.  

In the reform, it is planned to define two groups of consumers without gas, by location – with gas or located in the area and the second group by the usage of gas – up to 10 000 cubic meters and larger than 10 000 cubic meters.

At the same time, it is defined that in the planned gas areas the construction works for connecting the consumer to the grid can be performed by any company with construction license as well, with a condition that the provision of technical conditions for newly built gas consumption network and start of operations will be carried out by the gas provider. At the same time, the gas consumption grid built with maintaining the technical conditions, must be launched to operate within 5 working days by the gas provider.

We think, it is obvious that the mentioned reforms, given the clear definitions are accepted, will significantly decrease corruption risks, bureaucratic delays and will basically put an end to almost monopolistic condition which the construction company was in.

However, the legislative reform proposals are not limited to the above mentioned; there are many more proposals in this and other fields which are in the processing and approval phases.

Only in the area of public services "National Centre for Legislative Regulation” has studied 132 legal acts, out of which 35 are proposed to be voided and 25 – to make changes, simplify and improve.

Those 60 legal acts, generally speaking, are related to 66 procedures of service provision in the mentioned field which are processed, changed, improved and regulated. 

In the future, "Factinfo” will provide new details related to this subject.

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