Electricity users' conditions will be improved

On November 15, 2012 the RA Government approved the changes and amendments to the No 358 order of the Public Services Regulatory Commission on the "Rules of the establishment and the use of the electricity  supply” offered by the State Agency "National Centre for Legislative Regulation” project implementation unit at the Government Staff of the Republic of Armenia.

In case of approval of the proposals by the Commission, it will definitely improve the condition of the people who use and have applied to use the electricity and also their rights will be extended. The above mentioned Agency mainly offers to replace the 10- day period of the exchange of commercial tab device and make it 5 day, add a provision in the rules according to which the contractor does not have to submit additional documents, except the application for the connection and the attached documents. 

In addition to the foregoing, it is proposed to establish a new provision, according to which the consumer can order the connection from any organization licensed to carry out such activity. At the same time, the implementation of this function is defined by the Commission.

It also recommended making changes to the rules and reducing the time for connections. In particular, in all cases of 0,22 kV connection tension (except for simplified cases) replace the 25 working days with 20 working days for signing of the contract and for the application of the supply contract. 

According to another provision it is proposed in all cases of 0,4 kV connection tension (except for simplified cases) replace the 45 working days with 40 working days for signing of the contract and replace the 40 working days with 30 working days for the application of the supply contract. All those changes are surely positive ones but the adoption of legislative reform proposals and their application in practice, unfortunately, are delayed.

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