About Reform Council

To implement the regulatory reform in Armenia, by the President Decree ՆՀ-246-Ն dated 17 September 2011 the Council of Legal Acts Reforms Regulating the Economic Sphere of the Republic of Armenia ("Reform Council") has been established, led by the Prime Minister of RA. 

The Presidential Decree lists 17 areas to be included in the reforms process as follows:
Local government and local self-governance sector
Sector of agriculture and water economy management
Sector of culture, health, social issues, education and science
Entrepreneurial, financial, tax and customs sector
Sector of emergency situations
Sector of energy, natural resources, nature protection
Sector of foreign affairs and international relations
Law enforcement and justice sector
Sector of sport and youth issues
Sector of transport and communication
Sector of urban development
Sector of civil aviation
Sector of land relations and cadastre of real estate
Sector of state property management
Sector of financial markets
Public services regulation sector and Economic competition protection.

Legal Acts regulating the activities of the Reform Council are available in Armenian.